CBI Consulting is an award-winning and highly experienced architectural design and structural engineering firm capable of accomplishing your architectural and engineering needs. With over 35 years of customer service throughout the nation, CBI has earned the loyalty and respect of our clients, both large and small. Attention to detail, commitment to client needs, and focused problem-solving are the cornerstones of our practice. We provide a full-service approach to architectural design and structural engineering for new buildings as well as building renovation and historical restoration of existing structures.


CBI Consulting has vast experience in the architectural design of new facilities as well as building renovation, historical restoration, and the reuse of existing structures, preserving and matching existing materials and styles. CBI relies on the breadth of its staff’s experience using diverse types of materials and technologies to meet the unique challenges posed by each project, both in new construction and renovation. As it is most cost effective to maintain existing fabric wherever possible, we emphasize the need for extensive sampling of all materials to be used, particularly in historical restoration projects.

Client Focus

The hallmarks of CBI Consulting are communication and teamwork with the client. Because a problem cannot be solved without defining it, we meet with Owners on a regular basis to discuss their goals for the architectural design or building renovation project so that we can properly evaluate their concerns and requests. By asking the appropriate questions, CBI helps the Owner define the criteria by which the project will be completed and ensures that the Owner and the Architect/Structural Engineer are working toward the same objective.

Commitment and Attention to Detail

CBI Consulting has a longstanding commitment to involvement during every step of the process, from structural and architectural design all the way through construction. This includes a system of built-in checks and balances to achieve the proper design. It is our consistent quality and personal touch that compel our clients to return to us again and again.