Alexander Argento – Senior Vice President

Alexander Argento oversees and provides leadership for client communications, contract negotiations, administration, marketing and sales.  Since 1998, Mr. Argento has held both leading and support roles on many projects throughout the testing, fabrication, and installation of building facades and curtain wall systems. He has worked with developers, architects, and builders on many distinguished projects both nationally and internationally.  He has great appreciation for the importance of the client’s needs, capacity, and priorities, has the ability to coordinate a variety of constituents and teams, has technical expertise of building construction and systems sustainable design, and has experience in developing and implementing realistic contracts, budgets, and schedules.

Michael S. Teller, A.I.A., NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, MCPPO – Principal

Our most important job is to listen to the client. Our business is customer service. We just happen to live in the world of construction.

MSTMichael S. Teller, A.I.A. has led the architectural division of the office for 30 years. In his 40+ years of architectural practice, Mr. Teller has managed the design, production, construction and repair of housing, offices, schools, and municipal space while integrating sustainable concepts that help the environment, promote worker health and productivity, and save the owner money. This experience has helped Mr. Teller guide CBI toward numerous awards in design, restoration, and building repair from the National Historic Trust, the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Boston Preservation Society, the Cambridge Historical Society, the Providence Historical Commission and the International Concrete Repair Institute. Mr. Teller stresses close client contact to define the project in advance of design and focuses on maximizing clients’ investment goals while implementing innovative technologies such as infrared testing, the use of fiberglass replications, and green roofing. Mr. Teller has renovated some of the most historically important structures in New England and has a passion for restoration.

Wayne R. Lawson, P.E., SECB, MCPPO – Principal

We’ve been able to save buildings that other engineers have given up on.  Sometimes the simplest approach leads to the greatest result.


Wayne R. Lawson, P.E., SECB, heads the structural engineering department of CBI Consulting, utilizing his 35 years of experience and 33 years with the firm. Mr. Lawson applies his skills toward the structural design of new buildings, the structural repair and reinforcement of existing buildings, and the development of ways to adaptively reuse existing structures in order to reduce costs to the owner and promote sustainability. His professional curiosity has led him to explore a variety of unique projects including power line design, storage tank design, and super flatness in concrete. Mr. Lawson is the Secretary / Treasurer of the Boston Association of Structural Engineers (BASE) and helped found the Structural Engineers Association of Massachusetts (SEAMass). Because of his extensive experience, Mr. Lawson focuses on every project comprehensively, integrating architectural and mechanical/electrical/plumbing concerns for the most efficient structural assembly.

Craig E. Barnes, P.E., SECB – Founding Principal

Structural engineering is as much an art as it is a science.  Aspects of modern and traditional technologies can be used to solve problems in buildings from every era.

CEBCraig E. Barnes, P.E., SECB, founded CBI Consulting in 1984. He applies his 50 years of experience toward the advancement of the engineering community through his leadership in creating Basic Education requirements for students in the structural engineering field. Mr. Barnes helped establish the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) and is a member of STRUCTURE Magazine’s Media Board, as well as a continuing contributor to the publication. Mr. Barnes is nationally recognized for his technical abilities and is licensed in 20 states throughout the United States. His expertise has landed him in various countries to present his work, most notably his consulting services for exhibits at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and their affiliates abroad, and two weeks in Port-au-Prince following the catastrophic earthquake in 2010 reviewing and commenting on reports prepared by Haitian consultants to determine if buildings were safe for occupancy. His innovative approach to problem-solving makes him ideally suited to construction management, forensic investigation, and litigation support.

Steven A. Watchorn, A.I.A., LEED AP BD+C, Principal

The marriage of structure and form result in the finest architecture; architects should stress mastery of technology; and successful projects are due to a team concept inclusive of all participants.

SAWSteven Watchorn is experienced and trained in the fields of Architecture, Planning and Urban Design.  His unique background makes him a valuable asset to our team in site planning, building analysis, design and project management.  He is accomplished in all aspects of architectural practice, from schematic design through the production of working drawings and construction administration for multi-million dollar facilities.

Arno L. Skalski, Assoc. A.I.A., LEED AP – Principal – Building Technology

ALSArno L. Skalski is a diverse, skilled professional with more than 30 years experience in the building design, engineering and construction industry. He is the head of CBI’s Building Technology Division and responsibilities include project management for architectural and engineering design projects with an emphasis in building systems, building design technology and historical restoration.  His effective management skills help him to meet strict deadlines and budgets while maintaining scope and quality of the project.  Mr. Skalski is also in charge of expanding markets, improving quality control and quality assurance, and training and mentoring staff. His prior experience focused on forensic science, building envelope design, and construction management. He also worked in the roofing manufacturing industry as a technical review specialist.