How We Work


  • Listen to the Client’s Needs
  • Assemble a List of Specific Requirements and Requests (Program)
  • Prepare a Preliminary Cost Estimate
  • Establish a Project Schedule

Preliminary Design

  • Synthesize Program, Building Codes, Site Constraints & Budget
  • Update Preliminary Cost Estimate

Design Development

  • Explore Design Alternatives
  • Investigate Material Choices
  • Finalize Building Layout and Style
  • Review Design Development Cost Estimate 

Contract Documents

  • Fully Document the Project Scope of Work
  • Create Detailed Plans and Specifications
  • Finalize Cost Estimate

Bidding & Negotiation

  • Manage the Bid Process
  • Review and Select Potential Qualified Bidders
  • Conduct Pre-Bid Walkthrough and Address Questions
  • Review and Evaluate Bids
  • Advise Owner on Contractor Selection

Contract Administration

  • Conduct Frequent Site Observation Visits
  • Answer Questions, Clarify Details, Review Submittals
  • Hold Regular Job Meeting and Distribute Minutes
  • Review, Modify, and Approve Applications for Payment
  • Prepare Punch List for Job Upon Reaching Substantial Completion of the Project 


  • Compile Warranties
  • Schedule Owner / Personnel Training
  • Obtain Bank Certifications