“Magic Goo”

We always joke in the office about finding “magic goo” on the outside of a building.  Invariably, a well-meaning Owner or maintenance person finds a caulking gun or bucket of some unknown material to smear on to the outside of the building, on a suspected problem area, in an effort to “wish away” the current problem at hand.

The fact is, every building material has an appropriate use.  Unfortunately, those materials are usually not one-size-fits-all solutions and all require the proper preparation, surface temperature, surface dryness, and installation techniques for success.

Caulking is a perfect example.  The successful installation of any sealant (commonly known as caulking) is a fine art.  The product must be selected for the particular application, particularly for expansion.  We need to determine how much the joint will move and whether the caulking material will move with it.  The surface preparation must be correct, meaning it must be dry and free from contaminants (like the old caulking).  The joint width and depth is important because the cross-sectional shape of the caulking material will either promote stretching and expansion, or challenge it, causing debonding and splitting.

There is no one-size-fits-all, magic goo that can solve every waterproofing problem.  Why waste time and money on an effort that will quickly fail?  Because we do this every day, let us guide you to a product that will work for your specific need.