3 Brookline Fire Stations


CBI reviewed existing drawings and previous studies and compared them to the current existing conditions.  CBI also evaluated and prioritized the repairs and recommendations and then designed the roof repairs/replacements and associated renovations at Fire Stations #1, #5 and #7.


Fire Station #1 is a historic, multi-story steel framed building supporting wood roof decks.  There are four roofing systems; EPDM, adhered PVC, flat seam copper and shingles.  The main EPDM roof and asphalt shingled tower roof were fully replaced.  The gutters and downspouts from the tower roof were also fully replaced and the flat seamed copper floor at the bell level was roofed over with EPDM which saved the Town a significant amount as opposed to the budget provided in their initial report.  The masonry parapet also showed numerous deficiencies so we extended the EPDM membrane up over the parapet and replaced the sealant on the capstones joints.  These were cost-effective options that also preserved the appearance of the building from the Brookline Village neighborhood in which it is situated.

Fire Station #5 is a single-story masonry building supporting concrete roof decks with a stone-ballasted EPDM roof area of approximately 7,600 SF.  All four (4) ballasted EPDM roof surfaces were completely removed and replaced with an adhered white PVC roofing system.  As well, all roof penetrations that were no longer in use were removed and roofed over, including a chimney that was housing several abandoned ducts.  The glass in the 6 clerestory windows at the front of building and all roof drains were also replaced.  The copper clad clerestory windows above the sleeping quarters showed failing seams and significant leakage was reported so the PVC membrane was extended up and over as a cost effect alternative to replacing the copper, which is not visible from the ground below or the street.

Fire Station #7 is a two-story masonry building supporting wood roof decks.  There are two roofing systems; adhered EPDM membrane and slate shingle.  The work included stripping in the seams on the EPDM roof surface, installation of walkway pads on the EPDM roof, and the replacement of copper gutters and downspouts.  Four (4) courses of slate had to be removed, protected and reinstalled to allow the new gutters and downspouts to be installed.   There was some miscellaneous slate shingle repair as well.