330 Dartmouth St., Boston


This seven story brick masonry apartment building was experiencing water leakage in the oriels, at the top of the rounded corner masonry, and below plugged gutters at the base of the mansard roof.  The original frames of the wood windows were in very poor condition and also allowing water in.


CBI designed repairs to address the deterioration.  We designed window repairs and recommended replacement windows for those that were too deteriorated.  Large areas of the masonry were repointed, spalling stone was repaired, and all of the stone was recoated.  Gutters were replaced or coated and new larger rain leaders were installed so the gutters wouldn’t become clogged.  Missing slate shingles were replaced, the oriel windows were repaired, and the copper cladding was coated.  The building is in the Back Bay Historic District so all repairs had to be approved by the Historic Commission.