83 Brattle Street, Cambridge


83 Brattle Street is a 6-story, brick masonry building built in 1908 that houses Harvard University residential apartments on all six floors.  The University was concerned that the EPDM roofing system had reached the end of its useful life span and there were reports of water infiltration into the building interior.


CBI conducted a thorough review of this apartment building.  We recommended that the entire existing EPDM membrane, including all rigid insulation, tar and gravel built-up roofing, and base flashing materials be removed down to the existing wood deck, and be replaced with a new PVC roofing system.

CBI fully exposed the parapet wall in order to conduct a thorough review of the existing mortar joints and brick.  All existing damaged brick was removed and replaced with new brick, and all deteriorated joints were cut out and repointed.  The parapet wall was clad in ½” exterior grade plywood to protect the brick and to provide an even surface for application of the PVC membrane.  CBI designed the roofing membrane to be installed as a continuous sheet from the main roofing field to the top of the parapet walls to provide maximum protection against water infiltration.  The existing metal vent pipes were scraped and repainted as part of the roofing replacement work.  CBI specified all skylights be removed in their entirety and replaced with new acrylic domed skylights and the existing metal door, frame and threshold on the north elevation of the penthouse be removed and replaced.  CBI also specified the painting of all existing metal on the roof to prolong the lifespan of the metal stairs, railings, and doors.