New Concessions & Restrooms at Arthur Kenney Athletic Fields


Design a new restroom and concession stand facility including storage space at the Arthur Kenney Athletic Fields.  The existing concession stand has electricity but does not have water service and thus, no sanitary service for hand washing & food preparation.  The concession stand serving window is also not handicap accessible.


CBI first prepared an Existing Conditions Report (including site and utilities) with three (3) Design Options including cost estimates.  Our design options varied from new construction to renovation of their newly built Team Building.  The Team building consisted of restrooms and team rooms for the home and visiting teams, and storage for field equipment.  The Town of North Reading sought to reduce the number of fixture required for public restrooms.  The Town asked CBI to look at installing the public restrooms in the sports equipment storage rooms.  The Town ultimately felt that the level of construction needed to install restrooms, such as trenching the existing concrete floors was too aggressive for a new building.  The Town decided on a stand-alone restroom and concession facility to be located in the area of the existing concession stand.

The Town chose Option A which is new construction to accommodate new restrooms and concessions facility with a separate lift station and new force main to connect to the existing force main at the parking lot.  We initially designed a wood framed structure, however, even though slightly more expensive, the Town decided on a modular structure because a modular was easier to build at this particular site, easier to winterize, easier to maintain, and has a twenty year warranty.

The existing concession stand was demolished to make room for the new modular facility.  A lift station was designed to connect the waste from the modular to an existing waste facility via a force main.  The waste facility was built in 2013 to serve the new Middle and High School, also built in 2013.

The restroom heating system is electrical and operated with sensors to serve the limited use they get in off season.

There was constant coordination and numerous meetings with numerous stakeholders including Athletic Facilities Subcommittee, Parks and Recreation Department, & Department of Environmental Protection.