Avalon Terrace Condominiums, Brookline


The existing building is a three story, plus basement multi-unit residence.  The exterior of the building is brick with cast stone accents and the roofing is fully adhered EPDM.

CBI was initially engaged to provide a building envelope assessment with recommendations for phased repairs. 

We observed numerous spalls and cracks in the stone elements.  Mortar was cracked and flaking off of the wall at many repointed locations on several elevations, there was severe mortar joint deterioration at the basement level, and masonry damage was also observed at window lintel bearings.  CBI also noted there is weather exposure due to a large amount of paint being peeled off of wood moldings.


CBI determined that completely repointing multiple elevations was necessary.  The work was phased by building elevation in order to provide the unit owners monetary flexibility.  Repairs included: 

Lowering the grading around the building to keep a minimum of six inches clear from the basement window sills and replacing all deteriorated wood window frames.  Lowering the grade and replacing the window frames will help to prevent water and insect infiltrations.

Re-pointing and repairing deteriorated mortar joints at brick and cast stone units which help prevent water infiltration and mitigate further deterioration.  Repairing spalled cast stone elements to prevent further deterioration.