Barney Mausoleum, Springfield


CBI performed complete historical restoration of the 1872 Victorian-era mausoleum housing the Barney Family. George Murray Barney donated his estate in 1890, which is now Forest Park in Springfield.


Restoration included evaluation, as well as recommendations and specifications for repair, of the granite structure, marble statues, and bronze screens and panels. The granite work involved masonry cleaning, pointing, restoration of the joints finished in lead and replacement of missing lead, epoxy injection, and the creation of granite dutchmen at spall locations. The marble statues that were in poor condition were taken off site, the surfaces consolidated, and molds created of the original piece. Replications were cast to replace the originals on site. The bronze screens and panels were sandblasted with walnut shells, then cleaned, oiled, and coated with acrylic and wax.

Additional work included ventilation, new foundations under benches, and a proposed greenhouse structure to cover the entire facility to keep it dry.