Barnstable Intermediate School


Since 1999, when the Barnstable Intermediate School underwent an extensive addition/renovation project, it has been experiencing water infiltration problems at the roof, EIFS and windows.  CBI was engaged to first perform an exploratory investigation and feasibility study of the building envelope systems and then design the repairs. 


CBI first reviewed a previous report from 2008.  We updated that report and leak audit by identifying the current condition and additional leaks.  We conducted roof cuts, EIFS cuts, window removals and extensive water tests with contractor assistance to confirm the existing conditions and extent of the leak problems.  CBI identified the lack of flashing at the window heads and sills, at the base of the EIFS walls, and at the roof edge as the primary source of the majority of the leaks, and recommended options with cost estimates. 

The first option we recommended was to replace the EIFS with a new pressure-equalized rainscreen wall system as well as replace the windows and roofing.  The second option was to repair the existing systems in-place including removing and reinstalling the windows with new head and sill flashing, extensive repairs and coating the EIFS, and replacing only the roof membrane and edge metal flashing at the parapets, rising walls, and other roof areas where the insulation was wet.  The School Department approved the second repair option, in part because the existing windows were in good condition, and it was something that they could budget for completing within the next couple of years.