Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center, Brookline


This two-part project involved the complete replacement of the pool filtration system and the re-grouting of the tiles within the pools and on the pool deck.


The existing filters were abandoned in place as it was determined that the cost of demolition and removal was extreme.  In addition, space remaining below the pools was sufficient to accommodate the new system, which is more compact and more efficient.  The project team was under a time constraint to have the work done during the spring shutdown of the pools, and CBI was able to meet that schedule.  Improvements to the system included: easier access to the equipment, separation of pool gutters and deck drain systems to meet code, new PVC piping, and new controllers.

The pools themselves were in good condition.  The ceramic tile required minor repair and full re-grouting, and all the stainless steel railings were replaced.  Because of new code requirements, the stair treads leading into each pool were replaced with a high contrast color.