Charlestown High School, Boston


CBI evaluated the existing conditions and documentation regarding the exterior door, window and wall systems on Charlestown High School and Community Center, and suggested remedial measures to realign those systems with current progressive practices in a weather tight building envelope design.


After thorough document review and selective observations, CBI was in agreement with the previous proposals to remove and replace the exterior door and window systems in both buildings, remove and replace the current through-wall flashing systems, clean and repair the existing brick veneer, install compressive fillers, new sealant systems, and repoint as necessary.

The new window design incorporated solera glass, which has increased light diffusing capacities, increasing daylight in each room.  Decorative laminated colored gel glass was also designed at accent locations including the bridge, which has triangular shaped windows within the truss structure.  CBI provided several window designs for the City to choose from, to modernize the look of the building.