Chestnut Accelerated Middle School, Springfield


CBI first investigated the source and cause of leaks and then recommended repairs to the indoor pool facility at the Chestnut Accelerated Middle School.


CBI incorporated the services of a Pool Consultant to assist in the determination of leak sources, the effect of the work on the gutter system, and then made recommendations regarding the functioning of the pool and the effect of the repairs on the pool construction.

The project involved the repair of the concrete pool deck which was leaking into the pool equipment room below and we included destructive testing to remove existing finishes from the pool interior, specifically at the gutter along the deep end to view actual conditions leading to the leaks.  It also included an excavation at the pool deck to observe the interface of the pool structure to the pool deck.  During the investigation, CBI observed cracks in the concrete wall and ceiling structure from inside the pool equipment room located under the pool deck and next to the deep end of the pool.  The cracks exhibited white stains and were actively dripping.