China Trade Center, Boston


Repair and restore this historical sandstone building located in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood that was exhibiting evidence of extreme deterioration due to water infiltration.


CBI performed an extensive investigation, including destructive means that revealed the interior health of the material, which was good.  By simply replacing the surface mortar and covering horizontal flat areas that allow moisture into the system, the longevity of the building could be extended greatly while eliminating leaking and infiltration.

Additional recommendations that were implemented included replacement of sealants around windows, new bird netting, and lighting.  CBI was also engaged to evaluate and repair the steel structure under the sidewalk around the building.  This basement “vault” arrangement was saturated due to a non-existent waterproof membrane.  Structural repairs, including augmentation and replacement of steel below the sidewalk were required immediately.  Recommendations were also made for waterproofing of the sidewalk to eliminate this problem in the future.

Sandstone repairs included light shaving of flaked sandstone material in order to reveal the most consolidated portion of the stone, patching using polymer mortars of a similar chemical composition of the stone, Dutchman of the same sandstone material finished to match the existing, as well as complete replacements of the stone to match the existing.  Existing mortars were evaluated to match the existing in composition, color, and texture.  When complete, the building appeared as if it had been well-maintained during its lifetime and not newly repaired.