East Boston Stadium


CBI evaluated the existing conditions of the East Boston football stadium adjacent to Logan Airport. This 4,300-seat concrete grandstand structure includes concession stands, locker rooms, and toilet facilities underneath the grandstand.  It also includes service spaces and storage. 


The existing concrete and expansion joints had failed causing extreme leakage into the building interior.  This caused all the electrical equipment to corrode and the building was condemned. 

Phase I of the project included installing temporary trailers to be utilized by the public while the stadium was condemned.

Phase II included the complete repair of the concrete structure, new waterproof membrane coatings, new expansion joints, railing repairs, painting of interior and exterior walls, renovation of the locker rooms, complete replacement of electrical switch gear and distribution, as well as plumbing and HVAC renovations.  The press box was renovated and handicap accessibility was upgraded to current standards with a new lift and additional accessible seating.

Phase III included renovations to the locker rooms, toilet rooms, and concession stands; all new plumbing and HVAC equipment; and a brand new infrastructure control building for maintenance.