Eaton Condominiums, South Boston


CBI designed the complete reconstruction of this eighteen privately owned unit condominium building following a devastating New Year’s Eve fire.

Due to the fire, the entire building required a complete renovation.  Certain areas of the structure were damaged directly by the blaze itself; the entire roof, fifth floor, rear corner of the building, the plumbing chases, and the rear stair were burned; masonry walls at the top floor and rear were lost as well.  Due to the fire fighting efforts, water damage to the building was extensive and complete; all the interior finishes, including the plaster walls themselves were completely saturated and had to be removed, all the electrical service and distribution within the building was saturated and compromised by the water, the plumbing and heating piping was destroyed by the fire fighters as the fire spread vertically through the plumbing and mechanical chases.  Most of the windows were broken and damaged by the firefighters and all the doors and cabinetry were ruined by the water.


As part of the rebuild it was required by the Massachusetts State Building Code, Chapter 34, that all systems to be replaced must be replaced with systems that conform to the current code for new construction.  This work included all new mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler systems as well as fire rated wall construction, stair access for proper means of egress, all new windows, and structural stability of the exterior brick walls.  Additionally, the original construction was not up to date with the current accessibility requirements.  The front entrance lobby, front and rear stairwells, elevator and all corridors were redesigned to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Code.

Once construction began on the condominium CBI gave all the unit owners an opportunity to include custom finishes and fixtures for their units such as hardwood flooring, maple and oak cabinets, ceramic tile, as well as additional walls and closets.  CBI met with each individual owner, as a separate contract, and re-designed the layout of the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  CBI also provided product samples of floor finishes, countertop finishes, cabinets, and colors to choose from.  CBI produced new drawings to reflect the change in design at each unit and was given to the contractor for pricing and construction.