Fayette Street Fire Station, Lynn


Evaluate roof leakage at the Fayette Street Fire Station and provide architectural and engineering design services for waterproofing repairs.

In addition, approximately forty-seven windows distributed throughout all four building elevations required replacement as a result of the age of the windows, concerns about energy efficiency, and a desire to improve the quality of the interior environment.  Thin steel windows transfer cold and/or hot air swiftly from the outdoors into the building interior, single-glazing does not provide an adequate barrier to prevent solar heat gain or nighttime heat loss, and aged waterproofing systems degrade after decades of use.


The existing roof was replaced with EPDM single ply membrane, edge metal, and associated flashing.  Rotten wood fascia was also replaced during the roof replacement and spot mortar joint repointing was completed at exterior brick masonry walls.

CBI performed a field investigation of the existing windows, interior conditions, and a sample removal to verify conditions.  The work of the final window design included removal of all glass, glazing and sashes at all of the existing windows and the installation of new aluminum replacement windows.  While the original design called for the existing steel window frames to remain in place in order to prevent damage to the interior finishes, during shop drawing review the contractor proposed that the steel frames be removed.  CBI was satisfied with the new design proposal with a stipulation that the contractor assume responsibility for any damage incurred by removing the embedded steel frames.  The finished fixed, over inswing-hopper window assemblies include exterior aluminum panning, interior aluminum trim, low-e insulated glass, and spray foam insulation between the aluminum frames and the existing masonry opening.  The exterior color was selected to coordinate with other fire stations in the City and existing air conditioners are accommodated by fixed insulated metal panels of the same finish in lieu of glass.  Easy to operate interior cam handles allow firefighters to allow fresh air into their spaces or to close and lock the windows in one motion.  The window replacement satisfied the City of Lynn’s need to provide their public servants with a comfortable, energy efficient and updated environment.