Fine Arts Building, UMass Amherst


Provide architectural and engineering services to address water infiltration issues at the Fine Arts Center Concert Hall. 

The Fine Arts Center is a large cast-in-place concrete complex consisting of several building areas interconnected with a plaza area and steps that form the roof over areas below grade.  The complex was constructed in 1973 and has had continuing water leakage problems since completion.


CBI determined that the source of the water infiltration, with the exception of the leakage at the main roof trusses, occurred during occasions of rain and also during times of snow melting due to the general nature of the roof configuration, roof slope, and exterior site grading.  CBI also observed structural damage at the cast in place concrete beneath the base of the stairs of the north elevation in addition to damaged architectural finishes.  Repairs included replacement of the sealants at roof connections and around windows in addition to repairing the damaged concrete at the north elevation stairs.  

CBI also provided roof replacement at the Art Wing of the Fine Arts Building.  The built-up roofing was completely removed, including fiberglass insulation and associated flashings and replaced with a new fully adhered TPO roofing system including cover board, rigid insulation and all accessories.