First Parish Meeting House, Tyngsborough


The First Parish Meeting House was built in 1755 and reconstructed in 1836.  It is a post and beam, gable-fronted, Greek Revival style building with two robust iconic columns at the entry and a prominent cupola rising above the building.  Almost all of the building systems were in need of repair or replacement due to age and neglect.

The roofing system, comprised of both asphalt shingles and standing seam metal panels, has deteriorated materials, and a truss-framed structure with rotted members.  The exterior wall wood cladding has cracked or rotted elements, including 1×4 clapboards at the main portion of the building, 1×12 tongue and groove clapboards at the cupola, the decorative columns and the simple moldings and trim.  The paint on the structure, which contains high levels of lead, has deteriorated and is peeling off.


CBI provided design for various exterior repairs in an attempt to bring this historic building back to life. 

The entire building roof, including lower and upper cupola roof, was replaced with Architectural grade asphalt shingles.  The deteriorated mortar joints at the brick chimney were repointed.

Exterior wood clapboards, trim and decorative elements, such as the front columns were all repaired.  Lead containing paint was removed and the entire structure repainted. 

All repairs and replacements were designed with sensitivity to the historic nature of the building.