Fuller Meadow Elementary School, Middleton


As part of the MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program, CBI provided design services for the partial roof replacement and associated repairs at the Fuller Meadow Elementary School in Middleton, Massachusetts.  The original 1950’s building low (flat) roof area is separated from a 1990’s addition by a small raised expansion joint with scuppers to allow water out from the (land-locked) original roof area to the only drains located on the newer roof portion.  This condition and a lack of sufficient taper on both roofs caused water to pond and there were periodic leaks reported under this section of roof.  At this same low EPDM roof there is a small rising wall to the gable roof.  The wall consists of metal panel siding and aluminum intake louvers for the gymnasium and kitchen heating and ventilation air.  Since these louvers are already so low to the adjoining flat roof, they take on water during wind-driven rain and snow accumulation, and the ducts inside leak frequently.  The original building East classroom wing also has a flat roof with inadequate taper and the number and size of the roof drains is inadequate for the roof area they serve.


The scope of work included removal of approximately 25,000 SF of EPDM roof system on portions of the original building (not the additions) down to the existing tectum deck, and installation of a new single-ply fully adhered 80 mil PVC roofing system.  We recommended the addition of roof drains and a re-design of the tapered layout in order to better prevent ponding water. 

CBI also removed eleven (11) abandoned rooftop units and associated utilities over the original building East classroom wing, and replaced the two (2) existing functioning rooftop units that service the administrative suite below.  The existing rooftop units were old heat exchange units, and since they did not provide heat or any supply air to the rooms, nor could they be zoned for temperature control, we didn’t recommend replacing them in-kind.  Replacing these units required all of the associated ductwork and grilles to be removed, and required replacing all of the hard ceilings (and lighting) below.  CBI installed new suspended acoustical ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboard soffits, and LED accent lighting in the lobby, corridors and administration offices.  The sprinklers were modified in order to accommodate the new, lowered ceiling tiles.

All replacements conform to the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code.