Historic Hull Public Library


Provide designer services to reside and re-clad the entire deteriorated Cedar wood shingle exterior of the Historic Hull Public Library.


CBI modeled our design after the original historic installation and the recently re-clad porch knee-wall which received the approval of the local Historic Commission the year before.  The existing cedar shingles on all building elevations were removed and replaced with new pre-dripped cedar shingles.  Rotted sheathing and framing found during demolition of the existing cedar shingles was replaced with CDX plywood and pressure treated lumber.  Self-adhering membrane was installed over the sheathing in valleys, over eaves, and at grade to provide additional protection for the building.  A corrugated plastic strand mesh was installed over all sheathing to create a cavity behind the shingles which would allow them to breathe and dry out, which will extend their life.  CBI also designed a custom copper diverter adjacent to the turret to resolve reoccurring water damage associated with ice accumulation in that location.  Gutters were replaced with attractive fiberglass gutters molded in the shape of classic wooden gutters.  Corrugated aluminum downspouts were replaced with plain round aluminum downspouts to provide the look of classic wood downspouts to compliment the new gutters.  CBI identified rotted wood features, including a bench, window sills, and trim which was also replaced.  The bench and sills were replaced with mahogany and the trim with matching wood species or PVC.  Upon completion of the cladding replacement and other repairs, all trim, doors and windows throughout the building were repainted to complete the fresh appearance.