Lafayette Garage, Boston


The Lafayette Garage is a three-level cast-in-place concrete single rib construction built beneath the former Lafayette [now the Hyatt Regency] Hotel with about 120,000SF per level.  Engineering services are required for the design of various repairs and replacements throughout the garage systems. 


CBI observed numerous expansion joints traverse all levels of the garage that were debonding, causing tripping hazards and water leakage to the lower levels.  Additionally, column capitals required repair and concrete spalls, cracks and construction joints also contributed to tripping hazards and deterioration of the structure.  Friction drag on concrete column hauches due to poor original construction of the expansion joint above required redesign for a new support system.

CBI was also engaged to review the conditions in the cobble stone entrance ramp and provide recommendations to repair loose stones as well as and determine the cause of a hump that existed at the top of the exit ramp.  In addition, CBI performed water testing to determine the source of water infiltration below the trench drains and provided repair details to correct the concrete damage.

The repair work was phased to allow the operations of the garage to continue during the repairs.