Lawrence City Hall

The Lawrence City Hall Clock Tower, a mid-1800’s design with renovations added on in the 1920’s, is located on the rooftop of the City Hall Building, a striking setting on Common Street directly across from a beautiful open space, the Campagnone Common.


To design the historical restoration for the deteriorating clock tower and masonry.


CBI designed the replacement of all wood elements with fiberglass replications, including sideboards, moldings, pediments, and any other exposed wood elements, as well as rails and balusters.  We also improved the flashing design of the original building with better materials installed to shed water rather than hold it.  The waterproofing of the whole tower structure was crucial to the complete and successful restoration of the structure.

Limiting bird access and installation of new light fixtures as well as smoke and fire detection supplemented the project requirements for life/safety and the future of the structure.  The metal clad roof on the cupola was closely examined and replaced.  The clock and bell were restored as well.