Lowell City Hall


The historic Lowell City Hall (c. 1893) consists of 250 window openings, comprising over 890 individual window sash.  The original wood windows had not been maintained in decades apart from making emergency glazing repairs.  The City was concerned about losing the historic integrity of the decorative wood elements, reducing energy consumption and related expenses, and increasing the comfort of its occupants.  CBI was retained to design the renovations and provide the City with multiple options for repair and replacement.


The report identified significant deterioration and damage to the wood double-hung sash and wood sills, while the decorative trim and frame elements were in relatively good condition.  After reviewing numerous options for partial repair and/or replacement, the City determined that the most cost effective, historically-appropriate option was a hybrid solution of replacing the sash with historical aluminum windows with break metal sills.  In addition, the exterior wood trim was repaired and restored with epoxy and dutchmen and painted with two coats of a robust oil-based primer and two superior finish coats of paint.