Lynn Woods Reservation Comfort Station


The City wanted to create separate toilet facilities which would be available to Lynn Woods Reservation users year round.  Camp Kiwanis had been allowing the public to use their facilities, however there was a need to keep the public separate and out of the gated playground area during Camp hours.  As well, it would be beneficial to have a separate toilet facilities that is available to the public when the Camp building is closed.  The City also wanted to utilize and extend the existing Camp building utilities to accommodate this addition.


CBI studied options to see if it would be beneficial to renovate the existing Camp building and design an addition that would not disturb Camp while in session and would be available to the public throughout the year. 

The schematic design included identity of the size, location, and arrangement (including access) of the toilet addition.  Options included: 1) an addition to the West Elevation with only exterior access to the proposed toilet rooms,  and 2) an addition/renovation option with a smaller addition at the West Elevation and both interior and exterior access.  Both of these options included separate male and female toilet rooms, each with one accessible water closet stall, an additional water closet stall, and two lavatories.  Both options would also connect to existing building utilities including water, sewer and electric.  The major point of concern was the security associated with Option 2 because it would be difficult to control access into and out of the Camp Building. 

A third option that was discussed was a stand-alone “Comfort Station” which could be built on-site across the road from the Camp.  This option required installing a prefabricated concrete building that would include separate male and female toilet rooms, each with one accessible water closet stall, one additional water closet stall, and one lavatory.

The City determined that a new prefabricated “Comfort Station” was the best option due to the security concerns, budget, and schedule.  While the prefabricated building was being constructed off-site, the site work, utilities, and foundation was completed.  Once delivered, the Comfort Station was placed in one day.  The toilet facilities were accessed by park users and cross-country runners by mid-summer and relieved Kiwanis Camp from the excessive use of their building.