Marina Point Condominiums, Quincy


CBI evaluated the two eleven-story towers of this condominium on the shore of Boston Harbor.


Marina Point Condominiums are two 11-story structures, each with 246 living units and encompassing two levels of parking beneath the buildings, also joined by a separate 150 vehicle below grade parking facility.  On the water side of the facility are two large exterior terrace recreation decks.  CBI has been working to test fenestration elements for either restoration or replacement, investigate roof leaks using destructive exploration and infrared technology to determine the feasibility for extending the existing life, and when no longer practical, to design the appropriate system replacement.  Parking structures below the buildings are steel frame with concrete topping.  The joining garage structure below grade is reinforced concrete.  CBI has worked with the facility to extend the lifespan of the unprotected system all while keeping in mind a threshold date where extensive maintenance is required.  Long before that date, the Trustees received financial annual updates prepared by CBI for the Board of Trustees to provide them a vision window of at least 10 years to plan for major maintenance.

CBI also evaluated the water leakage condition within the garage structure and recommended repairs to correct the leakage conditions as well as the structural deterioration caused by the leakage.