New Avon Police Station


The Avon Police Department shared space with the Avon Fire Department in a portion of their building that is severely undersized to meet the PD’s needs.  The Town needed a new and modern facility of their own in order to properly service the community.


CBI designed a new 9,000 GSF single-story Police Station constructed on the site of the former Crowley School, which the Town already owned.  The Town had strict budget and schedule, so we emphasized that our priority for this design process was for a functional and economical design

We started by identifying Police Program & Space Needs (including equipment needs, adjacency requirements, & special considerations such as acoustic separations and security), Building Code and Zoning analysis, and MEP/FP and cost considerations.  As well, the site had its own restrictions so we had to identify site considerations and requirements such as wetlands, intermittent streams, previously abandoned utilities, and extending gas from a nearby street.

A few important considerations for the design:

  • Security is the number one priority
  • Proper adjacencies and path of travel from sally port
  • The number of parking spaces for public vehicles and Officer’s (marked and unmarked) cruisers
  • Location for secure outdoor storage
  • The design of spaces considered growth of the Department over the next 10-20 years including additional hires such as Detectives, Officers, or civilian staff members including Administrative & Janitors
  • Incorporate a public, unisex, vandal resistant restroom that can be utilized by users of the ball fields on the neighboring site

Construction is almost complete.