North Attleboro High School


The North Attleboro High School was in need of a new gym floor as the existing synthetic system was deteriorating from wear and from vapor drive from the concrete slab below.  However, the School Department did not have sufficient funds available to abate the mercury that was present in the existing flooring system.  The new floor was then raised by 2½” which required modifications to multiple interior and exterior doors, ramps, and stoops.  The existing wood bleacher system was also deteriorated and difficult to operate and the gym equipment was outdated.


CBI was hired to design a new floating wood floor system to be installed over the existing system, with new painting and striping for basketball and volleyball courts, renovations to the existing bleachers including the connection of a new motorized operator and installation of new sports equipment and apparatus.  Additionally, the increased height of the new gym floor required doorway modifications including transitions and thresholds, relocating doors and door frames, and the replacement of all interior and exterior doors, door frames and hardware.