Old Selectmen's Building, Barnstable

The Old Selectmen’s Building was originally built in 1889 as Barnstable’s first Town Hall.  The building accommodated the Board of Selectmen who had previously been meeting at the Lombard Home.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  


Provide architectural and engineering services for the renovation and repair of the historic Old Selectmen’s Building in West Barnstable, MA.  The historic building was completely renovated in the 1980’s, however, structural foundation issues were not addressed at that time.  This left the building sinking into the clay dirt where it stood.  The Barnstable Historical Commission was able to obtain Community Preservation Act funds to complete the work.


Phase 1 work included replacement of the existing brick pier foundation with a new one on a new concrete foundation.  The foundation was installed while the building remained in-place above and the clay soil was retained.  The new foundation was designed to match the existing.  Work also included disconnecting mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, replacement of overhead electrical with new underground service, temporarily raising the existing wood frame structure, demolition of existing foundation in its entirety, construction of a new frost wall foundation and concrete piers, installation of new crawlspace vents, grading around the perimeter of the building, and installation of drywells connected to the existing downspouts.

Additional work is planned and awaiting future funding.  This work will include new door hardware and threshold at the main entry, new brick stoop and sloping sidewalk to the parking area.  Overgrowth of vegetation surrounding the building will be removed to prevent related moisture issues and the building will be brought up to ADA standards with a new accessible ramp.