Perley Elementary School


Provide designer services to replace the existing slate roof and existing membrane roof which were at the end of their useful lives and causing water infiltration to the interior of the school.  The roof repair work was limited to the original building (not South and West additions), believed to be constructed in 1936.   


CBI first completed an investigation to determine the exiting conditions of the slate roof, membrane roof, flashings, gutters, downspouts and cornice including roof test cuts and hazardous materials testing.  Water damage was observed along the wall of the library as a result of poor flashing along the roof.  There were also holes in the copper and missing slate shingles on the roof.

The existing EPDM roofing was replaced with a PVC roof membrane and slate shingles were replaced.  Rotted wood at the slate roof gutter was replaced.  The original copper gutters were highly deteriorated and replaced in kind.

In addition, CBI provided recommendations for exterior masonry and wood cornice restoration work including cutting and pointing of the original masonry, stone and terracotta patching, power washing the exterior masonry walls and molding repairs.  We also recommended window replacement included removing and replacing existing wood windows and adding silicone and acrylic sealant where necessary, as well as metal sill pan flashing.  However, the School District decided only to complete the roofing work and not move forward with additional repair recommendations.