Police Headquarters, Springfield


CBI provided architectural and engineering design services associated with interior renovations and electrical work at the Police Headquarters Building in Springfield. 


The scope of work was broken down into two phases.  Phase I included the renovation of the existing Supply Room and two Interrogation Rooms to create a new UPS Room while relocating the Supply Room.  Design, preparation of plans and specifications and contract administration services were all included.

Phase II included the design of new Electrical Rooms in the Garage Area that house the new switchgear and generator.  This involved replacing the existing electric service and power distribution for the entire building and relocating the emergency generator and providing new systems.  

CBI also designed modifications to the building to accommodate a new locker room for female officers.  The scope of work included the redesign of the current Traffic Department office space to include two separate locker rooms, one for ten female supervisors and one for thirty female officers, with a shared bathroom with two toilets, two lavatories and one shower, all handicap accessible.  The interior renovations to the locker room also included new suspended acoustic ceiling tiles, new ductwork and new recessed lighting.