Chatham Railroad Station Museum


CBI performed a complete historical restoration for this one and one half story wood framed Museum (listed on the National Register of Historic Places), constructed in 1887. The Museum is composed of a central rectangular portion with a gable roof and a hexagonal tower projecting through the roof that was designed to allow clear views through four large windows at the main level up and down the tracks. A single portion of railroad track remains on the site, with a restored caboose belonging to the Chatham Railroad Museum.


CBI provided architectural and engineering design services associated with the historical restoration of the building envelope. The scope of work included replacement of wood shingles on the main roof and turret in addition to flashing replacement. Repairs also included restoration of the existing single pane double-hung wood windows and sills, repairs to the wooden skirt board at the foundation, structural repairs to the rafters in the turret, and replacement of deteriorated wood clapboards.