Regional Emergency Communications Center, Holbrook

CBI is providing Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) services for the Town of Holbrook, acting on behalf of the Towns of Abington, Avon, Canton, Holbrook, Randolph, Rockland, Sharon and Whitman, as the charter members of the Norfolk County – Regional Emergency Communications Center (NC-RECC), for the development of a 6,000 square foot addition to the Holbrook Public Safety Building.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Advise and assist the Town with evaluating designers and negotiating the design contract during the selection process
  • Provide advice on General Contractor bid process
  • Provide advice during subcontractor bid process
  • Review the designer’s contract and subsequent amendments
  • Monitor the designer’s progress and work with the designer to resolve any problems hindering the project’s completion
  • Consult with users and other groups affected by project.
  • Provide advice and comment on design options presented by the designer
  • Review and approve invoices for payment submitted by the designer
  • Conduct weekly inspections on project throughout construction phase and provide the Town with inspection reports outlining progress, potential problems and suggested solution.

This project is currently under construction.