Rosemary Pool Complex, Needham


The Rosemary Pool Complex, a pool facility constructed within an existing lake, is extremely unusual.  Rather than create a new pool structure, the engineers mapped out a location for steel sheet piling that defines the perimeter of this 100’ x 300’ pool.  The water in the lake is used as the pool water and therefore, as the lake rises and falls, so does the pool.  The water within the pool structure is filtered separately after flowing into the “pool” area.  The existing pool house facility is located up the hill from the lake.  The site adjacent to the pool is used as a public park, and the facility is maintained by the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department.

A complete condition report of the entire facility was needed in order to determine the structural integrity of the steel sheet piling, the service life of the filtration system, as well as any other maintenance and code issues that would affect the future of the facility. 


CBI determined that the facility was in remarkably good condition.  The sheet piling required the most work of all the elements as it is continually submerged, exposing the steel to air and water.  Treating the material by sandblasting and painting it within the year would preserve the material. 

Additionally, CBI recommended the installation of new redwood decking, new railings at the perimeter of the pool, and new pumps and piping to update the existing filter.  The existing DE filter was working well and would last a minimum of ten additional years.  If the facility continues to be well maintained, it will remain a great recreational resource for the Town of Needham for many years.

CBI was also engaged to perform a feasibility study to evaluate ways to improve the existing facility, including parking.  The hillside above the pool was of particular interest because in a heavy rain silt is washed into the pool, clouding the water, which is a safety hazard.  CBI proposed terracing the hillside and has been engaged to design that work.  CBI also reviewed various parking scenarios, including terraced lots and a new parking garage cut into the existing hill.  CBI also suggested that this space would be ideal for a new Civic Center for the Town and prepared schematic plans to include the Town’s spatial needs.