Sacred Heart Church, Milford


Evaluate the existing conditions of the Church building as well as the adjacent school and rectory buildings, in order to determine the cause of masonry deterioration and water leakage into the buildings.


Water leakage caused damage to the interior plaster walls of the Church.  The predominant source of this leakage was determined to be from the Spanish tile roofing and incorrectly repaired gutters below the tile.  Masonry deterioration was found to be related to a hard mortar and a relatively soft brick, and the absorption of wind driven water by the masonry.  Other leakage conditions related to the lack of proper flashings and sealant failures on all three buildings.

CBI prepared a set of repair documents for the replacement of the Spanish tiles on the church, tile repairs to the school, masonry repairs to all three buildings, as well as the replacement of the flat BUR roofing of the rectory with a new PVC roofing system.