Solar Panel Installation, Newburyport


Work with the developer on the largest solar panel installation in Massachusetts to evaluate the allowable roof loads of both buildings to determine if they are sufficient to take the added dead loads of the solar panels.


CBI evaluated the poured-in-place gypsum roof decks on the Nock School for allowable roof loads in relation to the updated code requirements since the construction of the building.  CBI also determined where and how to load the roofing system safely.

The DPW Building is a prefabricated metal building with a low sloped metal roof.  The allowable roof loads were determined and found to be limited and not sufficient to take the added dead loads of the solar panels.  Details for strengthening the framing that supports the roof were supplied and the panels were successfully installed.

As part of the work CBI evaluated the existing EPDM roofing and metal roofing systems on both buildings.  CBI worked with the solar panel manufacturer and the general contractor to detail a roofing stand-off system to support the new panels.  Studies consisting of thermal scans and affirming test cuts revealed the existing EPDM roofing could have its service life extended with repairs rather than replacement. CBI developed a prototype flashing penetration detail to accommodate the solar panel and utility attachments.