Southworth Library, Dartmouth


The original single glazed metal windows at the Southworth Library required replacement.  The openings, which comprised a significant portion of the overall wall, had numerous problems including an inefficient energy design, minimal climate control for the interior furnishings and library materials, and lack of comfort for the occupants.


Upon inspection, the modernist building with slate veneer panels above and below the windows and precast piers between the windows contained failed sealants at the joints.  CBI recommended replacing all of the sealants to prevent water infiltration that might also compromise the new windows.  The new windows are thermally-broken aluminum with laminated hurricane glass and increased venting. 

The replacements occurred during the spring in 2013 with minimal disturbance to the occupants and while the library remained open.  CBI included project specific requirements in the contract documents to ensure that the contractor maintained a dust-free environment and adhered to strict project work hours for the demolition work in order to limit noise during the busiest time of day.