City Hall Council Chambers, Springfield


CBI provided architectural and engineering design services associated with the modifications to the 1911 Council Chamber to accommodate four additional City Councilors and better accommodate audiovisual presentations.


CBI prepared the plans and the specification for the new council chamber desks at which each member participates.  The design of the new millwork matched the original, historic, desk assembly in every way including all details, finishes, and veneers.

CBI researched the history of the space and found that the original desk was different than the current. Additionally, the number of council members had increased and, therefore, the desk had to be longer. The desk also had to accommodate current handicap accessibility standards and had to accommodate wheelchairs.  The new desk also had to incorporate new technology including electrical, data, microphones, and future electronic voting apparatus in a way that would be unobtrusive and would not take away from the original historic design.

Additionally, the arrangement of the chamber seating as well as the location of the low rail between spectators and council members was relocated and refinished to match the new desks.  Within the chamber the existing millwork was also refinished and brought back to its original luster.  New carpeting was installed and because the council meetings are public and broadcast over the local cable station, new lighting was installed throughout the chamber.  A decorative painting conservator was brought in to restore painting detail along the tops of the walls and on the ceiling.  Water damage on the woodwork from leaky windows was also repaired.