Tai Tung Village, Boston


Perform various renovation and repair projects at Tai Tung Village.


CBI has been providing design services for Tai Tung Village since 1995.  Projects have included exterior repairs to precast concrete panels, replacement of exterior sealants, window repairs, complete structural and architectural renovations to the bridges connecting the high rise buildings, which included new interior finishes, windows, roofing, and structural repair.

This property was built on piles, due to deficient soil.  The soil which remained in the plaza was unsuitable, leading to tremendous settling of the concrete slab on grade (sidewalks).  CBI was engaged to evaluate, make recommendations, and design repairs, which included a full replacement of all plaza slabs and sidewalks as well as the installation of new handicapped accessible entrances.  The site concrete slab replacement also included underground and utility replacement to repair broken pipes due to sagging concrete slabs.

CBI also provided architectural and structural design services for the redesign of the Tai Tung lobby.  CBI’s structural services included the removal of the existing slab on grade to a reinforced structural slab.  Architectural services included the design of the interior finishes of the lobby including new flooring, new configured store front window/door system, design of walls, and ceiling treatments.

The concrete slab replacement continued into the building’s interior slab on grade, which had a similar soil deficiency as the exterior plaza.  This resulted in the replacement of the slab on grade to a structural reinforced concrete slab with reinforced beams.  This also resulted in the replacement of all the interior partitions as well as all the bathrooms with all associated piping, heating, electrical, fixtures, and cabinetry.