Various Developments, Taunton Housing Authority


In 2014, The Taunton Housing Authority (THA) identified a number of repair items at four developments that needed to be addressed.  At Massasoit Apartments, the existing asphalt shingle roof had reached the end of its useful lifespan, the roof cheek walls were deteriorated and inadequately waterproofed, the existing exterior wood trim and soffits were warped and rotting, the existing aluminum windows were drafty and difficult to operate, and the existing bituminous parking lot and walkways were buckled, crumbling, and damaged from tree root growth.  At Presbrey Court, the existing asphalt shingle roof had also reached the end of its useful lifespan.  At James Thomas Apartments, the existing concrete walkways were cracked, heaved, and narrow.  At Cedarvale Homes, the existing concrete and bituminous concrete walkways were mismatched, uneven, buckled, crumbling, and they violated ADA slope and cross-slope code requirements.  Because each development is an elderly and disabled complex, hazardous walking surfaces were of special concern.

In 2016 as a separate project, CBI was engaged to provide design services for the replacement of roofs, gutters, downspouts and selective exterior entry door at twelve (12) multi-family residential buildings and one (1) Community Building at Cedarvale Homes.  The asphalt shingle roofs had reached the end of their useful life. The existing steel exterior entry doors were in fair and operable condition, but the wood frame and trim components were deteriorating, rotted in some locations, which would mean ongoing maintenance issues.  


CBI designed a new asphalt shingle roofing system with new cheek wall sheathing and soffit venting for Massasoit Apartments and Presbrey Court.  New PVC exterior trim was also specified for the Massasoit building.  CBI and THA selected high performance fiberglass windows to replace the existing aluminum windows at Massasoit.  CBI enlisted civil engineering services to survey the existing walkways and to produce bidding documents for new reinforced concrete replacement walkways at Massasoit Apartments, James Thomas Apartments, and Cedarvale Homes.  A new asphalt parking lot to replace the existing was also designed.  To provide THA with a selection of final pricing options, all of the work at James Thomas Apartments and all of the work at Cedarvale Homes were included in the bidding documents as separate Add Alternates.

For the Cedarvale Homes roof replacement project, CBI recommended that the existing asphalt shingle roofing on all of the residential buildings and the Community Building be removed and replaced with new 30-year three-tabbed asphalt shingles over fiberglass reinforced building paper.  Self-adhered bituminous leak barrier membrane was also installed along all eaves, rake edges, ridges, valleys, hips, and each penetration.  New aluminum counter flashings above the porch roofs was terminated into the brick veneer with reglets as part of the reroofing work as well.  The EPDM roofing system at the Community Building was also replaced.  The roofing work also included replacement of aluminum gutters, flashings and accessories.  Additional attic insulation and brick chimney repointing was also performed at the Community Building.

It was more economical to replace the entire door entry system rather than salvage the old doors and reinstall with custom frames.  The entry systems including doors, frames, hardware, wood frames sidelights and paneling was removed and replaced with new fiberglass entry door units.