Veterans Memorial Stadium, Everett


CBI provided architectural and engineering design services for the restoration of the exterior façade of the main entrance, creation of the new Honor Plaza in front of this Ceremonial Entrance to the Stadium and the rehabilitation of the public toilet areas of the Field House.  The project needed to be completed in a very short time frame within a small finite budget.


CBI designed the Honor Plaza to showcase two monument walls that display over five thousand names of all the Everett residents who served in the United States Armed Forces during World War II.  Six new ornamental ironwork gates pay homage to each of the branches of military service.

The Main Entrance Building had been closed for a number of years and became very weathered without regular maintenance.  The roofing layer had been removed from the concrete deck and without protection it had become severely deteriorated.  Since repair of the concrete roof deck and re-roofing was estimated as a very high cost, CBI chose a concrete repair material that would also serve as a weather protector when used as a parge coat (waterproofing) layer.  The scope to repair the entrance also included masonry restoration (re-pointing, repairs, resetting/replacing cast stones).

Both the men’s & women’s toilets required all new fixtures, partitions & accessories.  The condition of the glazed wall tile was adequate to keep with a good power wash.  All the existing fixture/partitions accessories were replaced.  The floor was ground smooth and epoxy painted and minor plumbing re-configuration was required to accommodate the new fixture layouts.  The scope of work also included new lighting, hardware, ventilation, and doors.