CBI Consulting has over 35 years at the forefront of architectural design with green building technology, water leak and building envelope investigations, structural engineering, and historical restoration experience. Whether the project involves new construction, building envelope repair, historical restoration, or renovation and reuse, CBI is dedicated to addressing the specific and individual needs of our clients.


Kellem & Kellem OfficesLEED® Accredited architects at CBI create sustainable designs and apply their understanding of the benefits of different building materials to provide energy-saving and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We have a broad range of experience with green design, new construction, space planning, building additions, and repairs to existing facilities.


Picture 038At CBI, structural engineering is as much an art as it is a science. With projects that range from multi-story hotels and condominiums to parking garages, offices, universities and municipal facilities, CBI has successfully provided a full range of engineering design services. Tapping into our vast experience, our team is also at the forefront of developing educational programs to assist universities in training future structural engineers.

Historical Restoration

100_5420Preservation Architects at CBI work closely with local and national historical commissions to verify that historical restoration work is performed according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. CBI has worked extensively with numerous styles of building construction and has worked with countless building materials, including but not limited to stone, masonry, slate, wood, terra-cotta, bronze, and wrought iron. CBI’s Preservation Architects carefully choose replacement materials with the Owner to match the existing design and require little maintenance. This ensures that the end result is a building that appears aged, but that has been well-maintained over the years. 

Building Envelope Forensics

Lenox Hotel Evening shotWater leaks and infiltration can cause serious structural and interior damage to the building envelope if not repaired. CBI’s waterproofing design specialists understand the various ways water can permeate a building envelope, such as improper flashing and drainage, cracks in the building exterior, the freeze/thaw cycle, and waterproofing materials that have reach the end of their useful life. We work with our clients to determine the best sustainable design solutions to improve energy efficiency and decrease long term maintenance costs for Owners.

Owner’s Project Manager

Barnstable_High_School_entrance2CBI has been providing “Owner’s Project Manager Services” long before the term was coined. CBI takes a proactive and comprehensive approach to our OPM projects.  With over thirty-three years of experience as a multi-disciplinary design firm we are very familiar with the requirements of various funding agencies and expectations of our clients.